Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wireworld - Supernova 6 - Optical Cable

Wireworld Supernova 6 Glass Optical Digital Cable

The first glass optical cable compatible with Macintosh computers

Cooper City Florida (9/21/09) – Wireworld has introduced a new series of optical digital cables that utilize conductors made of 280 glass fibers, rather than the common plastic monofilament conductor, to provide improved sound quality in home theater, computer audio and professional audio applications. In addition to the standard Toslink optical connectors, the Supernova 6 is also available with the 3.5mm mini optical connector, making it the first optical digital cable with glass conductors that is compatible with the optical digital audio output of Macintosh computers.

“The optical digital connection standard is often considered to be second rate compared to the coaxial standard, because most optical cables have low-bandwidth plastic conductors that reduce fidelity” comments Wireworld President and founder David Salz. "The emergence of optical digital cables with glass fiber conductors has proven that the optical cables can often outperform coaxial cables, while providing better isolation from noise, a benefit that can be especially helpful in computer audio applications. The Supernova 6 replaces our very successful Supernova 5+ optical digital cable and it provides improved performance through the use of a newly developed termination technique, which reduces loss to provide wider effective bandwidth than previous optical digitals cables”

The Supernova 6 optical digital cables are currently available from Wireworld dealers in lengths ranging from ½ meter to 8 meters, at suggested retail prices beginning at $129.95 (US retail) for the one meter length.

Wireworld Cable Technology, which was founded by renowned designer David Salz in 1992, is the premier provider of leading edge digital and analog cable technology for home audio and video, from HDMI and Displayport technologies to state of the art high-end interconnects and speaker cables. The company has a reputation for producing superior cables based on the use of objective perceptual testing, innovative patented designs, premium materials, and exceptional manufacturing quality.

For more information, visit: or call 954-680-3848.

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